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As the COVID-19 pandemic arrived and the UK went into it’s first “Lockdown”, Mac decided to spend his time volunteering, reading and writing. Many of the articles below were written between May and November 2020.

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You will find plenty of crossover between the articles, but when you consider that nearly all the articles are based on Emotional Intelligence (EI) it is no surprise that the theme stretches across almost all of his writing. 

“Enjoy and Reflect”

An image showing the Moccasin Approach with multi coloured footprints beneath the words

The Moccasin Approach 

The Moccasin Approach is all about how we communicate with anyone regardless of who they are, what they do or the hierarchical structure.
It’s about how we must see things and also, where possible, feel things from the perspective of others first. 

An image showing 3 heads full of cogs and some cogs moving between the three heads

Do or Die?

This article was written after discussions with leaders and managers about whether to pause training programmes and consolidate for the rest of the year, or to boost development for their people post the lockdown. Don’t lose your best people! 

Emotional Security & Emotional Safety

This is in answer to many of the issues of the modern day organisation. Our main point is that if we do not allow actively encourage our people to say exactly what they want to say (politely and respectfully), then we lose out so badly. 

An oval image showing the ingredients for ES2 which is Emotional Security plus Emotional Safety
Image of three heads made of cogs and the cogs from each head are mixing with each of the other heads.

The Enigma of Organisational Culture

This article was written primarily out of frustration and to help people (especially leaders and senior managers) understand how and why we push our people into silence and discomfort by our belief in what we do. 

A tree with roots and branches, leaves etc. Multi coloured words such as Honest, Present, Empathic, Empowered, Supportive with arrows going all the way up and down the tree
ROPE - Remote Office Pairing for Engagement

The Ei Tree 

Our EI Tree is a snapshot of how we believe an organisation should be working as a living breathing communally supportive organism.

We must embrace difference, openness and invite challenge in all we do. “That” will give us innovation and far reaching positive change. 

Remote Office Pairing for Engagement

This article emerged due to the COVID-19 pandemic when the UK went into lockdown.
I became increasingly alarmed at the attitude to move our world online and the lack of understanding around the human issues of needing contact. People need people!

A man in shirt and tie surfing
The captcha style image we see when asked to confirm we are not a robot.

Leadership Surf Test

Do some leaders believe that they are popular and help up by their people and peers? 

If you are a leader or manager, take the surf test in your head and see what you truly believe.

If we doubt what we think, perhaps it’s time for some leadership and management development.

Confirm Humanity

An amusing but thought provoking thought.

How far have we drifted from that caring, empathetic and considerate human? What have we given up in the chase for glory, success and company recognition? 

Are you more robot than human now?

A line of people with one standing out from the others

What Makes a Trainer “Professional”

I was asked this question some years ago and I gave it some thought, spoke to others and wrote this short piece. 

I wrote this article in June 2014 and in 2019 I graduated with my master’s degree which researched the impact of EI on Leadership and Management. My own thoughts became reality.

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