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Below are a series of video clips on the topic of EI and also some related aspects of EI thinking

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“Enjoy and Reflect”

Goleman Chats with Oprah
Daniel Goleman

Goleman Chats with Oprah

Daniel Goleman chats with Oprah Winfrey about the three types of empathy. 

Goleman Answers Our Questions

Daniel Goleman answers common questions around EI. 

The Leadership 2030 book interview.
Clip from the movie Evan Almighty

The Leadership 2030 book interview 

In this clip, Georg Vielmetter and Yvonne Sell chat about Altrocentric Leadership. Organisations need to ensure their senior leadership are in tune with their people, and quickly. 

Clip from the movie Evan Almighty

Don’t “always” do things for others to help them out in work as sometimes they need to do things for themselves to learn from experience.

Give them opportunities.

Clip from the movie 7 Psychopaths
Clip from “The Story of God” (BBC)

Clip from the movie 7 Psychopaths

Occasionally you meet someone who goes completely against the normal behaviours of everyone else you’ve experienced. 

Learn from them.  

Clip from “The Story of God” (BBC)

A wonderful series. This meaningful clip is taken from when Morgan Freeman sums up his thinking of miracles and Buddhism in a warm and thoughtful way. We can ALL learn from this.   

Amy Edmondson

Amy Edmondson talks about key aspects of Psychological Safety and points out why it is “mission-critical”, why leaders MUST achieve it and why every organisation, regardless of what it does, needs this for the future.  

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