Earn Free Training Days for Your Organisation Through Our Referral Programme

From July 2022, LaPD Solutions Ltd will be offering a referral programme to all our existing and future clients. We aim to keep it simple to understand and easy to use, so here it is, please tell us if you think we could improve it.  

All existing clients will be given their own referral programme code if they request it. When you refer our services to others, you simply tell them to use that code when they request a quote from us, as that code will give them a reduction on our daily rate as well. 

For every four days of training they book and pay with us, your organisation will receive a credit of one day of free training. The training can be on anything you wish, as long as it is something we are experienced at delivering. 

This programme will also be helping our registered charity FLOW for ALL. So your organisation will be assisting those we help directly, and for that, we thank you very much indeed. (Click the image to visit our FLOW website)

If there is anything you wish to ask Mac about this programme, please drop him an email by clicking here, and he will get back to you to set up a Zoom / Teams or a Phone call, or call him direct on 03000 303 007.

Many thanks