“Create Reality out of Possibility”

If you dream of how you’d like your leaders and managers to lead and manage or the improvements you’d love to see regarding your teams or organisation’s communication, change management, or performance management, then you need to believe it is possible. 

If you believe it could be done, then you’re already on the right path. But now, you have to put the work in to make your belief become reality. 

So often, I hear people in business complain about how they are treated. They will talk about how they want to be treated, but I sometimes wonder what keeps them from talking to those who can make changes. Is it a lack of belief that change could be brought about?

I am fully aware of the danger of saying something to a senior leader that they don’t want to hear, as it could threaten a person’s employment. 

So I say to leaders and managers who can bring about change, make it happen! Don’t just allow people in your organisation to speak their minds (politely and respectfully); demand that they do so with the full permission of every senior person. Psychological Safety is critical to communication.

Unless managers and leaders make this happen, innovation and all that it brings will suffer. Some of your best people will leave for more open and supportive organisations. 

I ask everyone to watch this video clip and don’t give up on their belief in what is right. Let people speak freely. Once they believe that possibility can become reality, then your people and your organisation will become better, bigger and more successful. 

This clip is from “The Story of God” with Morgan Freeman. It does not push Buddhism on you in any way, it is just meant to make you think about how we can bring about change in how we communicate with our people. (I have no religious affiliations at all).