Our Team

Mac Macdonald

Mac Macdonald - Hello all, I am Mac. 

I am passionate about how we manage our most precious resources, our people. I have been fascinated by people and how to get the best from them since the early 80s. My specialities include Emotional Intelligence (EI) based Leadership and Management programmes and how EI can have a huge impact on organisational communication and business success. 

I graduated from Middlesex University in 2019 with a master's degree in EI-based Leadership and Management. My research gave me a great insight into how EI helps organisations get the best from their people by forming High Performing Teams. 

I have been most fortunate to work with many wonderful organisations, and I have learned that regardless of size, our people are the drivers of our success.  The irony is that the very thing that prevents organisational efficiency and effectiveness is people!

John Hill

Pippa Waterman - Hi, I’m Pippa, and I have worked in the NHS and University environments for over 30 years. After a career in Nursing, Midwifery and Health Visiting, I became the lead for training as a Safeguarding Nurse for 3 merged NHS Trusts. In 2014 I became a Senior Lecturer for Birmingham City University, where I wrote, and course led, an MSc in Safeguarding. I have a PGCE in Higher Education and am a Fellow of the HEA.

During the Pandemic, I worked for the UKHSA (formerly Public Health England) as a team leader and as a Clinical Lead for Vaccination Centres.

I currently work as a Visiting Lecturer where I teach across the undergraduate and post-graduate programmes and support and assess students on leadership programmes. I have many years of both staff and student supervision and support and have worked in Bands 6-8a positions in the NHS.

I lecture for a Conferencing Company delivering to Health & Social Care staff and am an Associate Trainer for Age UK.

I am passionate about quality and engaging teaching, training and staff/student support and aim to influence and inspire others to feel happy, confident, rewarded, and successful in all that they aspire to do.

RN, RHV, PGCE in Teaching & Learning in Higher Education (Health & Social Care), Fellow of the HEA, NMC Nurse Teacher

John Hill

John Hill - Hello, I am John, and I have 40 years of experience in the world of learning.  

In the 80s, I began designing and delivering a wide range of training initiatives nationwide (formal and informal).  

In the 1990s, my business partner and I won the National Training Award.  Since then, I have continued to deliver award winning training at home and abroad (including USA, Canada, the Middle East, the Caribbean, Denmark, and Switzerland).  

The main subjects I cover are Leadership, Management, Team Development, Train the Trainer, Problem Solving, Talent Management, Communication, Personal Development.    

My experience includes the world of education eg: Djanogly City Academy in Nottingham.

Glenn Evans

Glenn Evans - Hello! For 28 years of my life, I served in the British Army in a Cavalry Regiment (Tanks). This gave me first hand experience in Leadership and Management in crisis situations, and this is a topic I thrive on. 

My military experience allowed me to deliver training all over the world, but most importantly, it allowed me to completely develop my training/teaching skills. 

I am now qualified to deliver a range of topics which include Health & Safety, Medication, Food Safety in Catering, First Aid in the Workplace, Paediatric First Aid and the use of Defibrillators. 

I have a real passion for training trainers and passing on my years of knowledge and tips, which I do through courses such as AET & CET. 

I am currently a freelance trainer working and designing training with organisations.

Tony Moss

Tony Moss - Hello, I have been involved in various roles over a continuously developing career, including mechanical engineering, CAD/CAM, Value Added Reseller support, IT training, quality management and business process development. I have a range of experience and expertise to bring to the table as a trainer, facilitator and business and standards (ISO9001& ISO27001) consultant. I currently work with a number of learning and development orientated organisations providing standards and accreditation to both internal training departments and external training providers, process development and documentation, business consultancy and performance skills facilitation.

Debbie Sawyer

Debbie Sawyer - Hello, I’m Debbie. I have 20 years+ experience as an IT Trainer & Consultant, which includes 10 years running a Gold Standard Accredited external Training Provider business as a Training Manager and Senior Trainer.  TAP certified and a Certified TPMA Assessor, I passionately believe all training solutions should be structured and delivered in a professional manner.  

Having 15+ years as an ITIL consultant working with Service Desks and Service Desk Solutions, I enjoy processes and workflows, both creating and training them.  

I have recently been an accreditation consultant and really enjoy meeting trainers and training managers, learning about their processes and functions and helping them see where improvements could help them develop.  

Finally, I am completely committed to and passionate about standards, helping you to achieve and maintain the highest possible standards within all service departments to make you stand out as an excellent organisation.

Sarah Edwards

Sarah Edwards - Hi, I’m Sarah and I’ve been training in both the Corporate and Charity sectors for nearly 20 years. I specialise in Train the Trainer courses, Soft skills and coaching. I regularly deliver and assess on many courses and really enjoy watching and helping trainers to grow and develop to their full potential. I also run workshops training and accrediting Assessors. I am an NLP practitioner and Belbin Accredited.

Gary Clayburn

Gary Clayburn - Hi there. With over 35 years in the area of learning and development, I offer a broad range of learning strategies to utilise whilst delivering and designing training events. Providing a learning outcome that can include; identification of skills/knowledge needs, design of a solution, delivery and evaluation of the desired outcome. 

My experience includes training for both public and private sectors within various environments, including face to face and online or work-based locations. Recent deliveries include Communication Skills, Design and Development, Learner Engagement.

I have a passionate and enthusiastic approach to learning that has proven to be very suitable for a varied client base that includes Management, L&D professionals, Subject matter experts, Trainers and organisational staff. I look forward to meeting you. 

Judy Duff

Judy Duff - Hello, I’m Judy, and I have over 20 years of Management experience within a variety of sectors, mainly commerce and media, but also in the Charitable sector. 

My experience includes training leaders and managers and creating and developing a variety of specialist bespoke training programmes in conjunction with recognised awarding bodies. 

I am a passionate developer of people, particularly higher level management tiers, but also middle-management and upcoming talent.

Qualifications include CIPD, IQA, Coach, Assessor, Trainer and registered Psychometric analyst.