Leadership and Management Programme Example

This fully supported programme comprises the topics and ingredients agreed upon during the consultancy period before the programme's content agreement and launch.

Below is an example of a programme entitled “The Leader In You” facilitated for Rooftop Housing Group (RHG). 

Rooftop created six cohorts, including their Exec Team, Senior Leadership Team, and 4 other cohorts for all the other Team Managers and Team Leaders within the organisation (a total of 54 people)

Each Workshop shown below was facilitated for each cohort each month. 

Workshop One

  • What is Leadership - what skills do we need?
  • What is Emotional Intelligence (EI), an EI Self Assessment, our Moccasin Approach® and our EI Tree®.
  • An EI challenge for each group to work on. 
  • Flexing our DISC & Learning Styles. 
  • Models of Leadership and designing our perfect leader and manager.
  • Building & Maintaining Trust.  
  • My Impact on Others. 
  • Open discussion in small groups.
  • Our DISC1 results and what next?
  • Wash up discussions and questions on what we’ve covered today.

Workshop Two (Half-Day)

  • What is inclusive Leadership?
  • Equality, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.
  • Bias and Unconscious bias.
  • Assumption and the “Big Assumption”. 
  • The Inclusive Leader self-assessment.
  • What is an “Ally” and designing your Ally action?
  • Aligning the ingredients of the last workshop.
  • Wash up discussions and questions on what we’ve covered today.

Workshop Three

  • Our Ethical Decision-Making Checker.
  • Groups vs Teams and how they differ.
  • Delegation and our Delegation Matrix.
  • Saying “No”… (the right way).
  • Assertiveness and why it is a two-way street.
  • Building confidence and Employee Engagement.
  • Motivators and demotivators.
  • The neuroscience behind decision-making.
  • Prioritising and methods to consider.
  • The “Wish List” Activity.
  • Wash up discussions and questions on what we’ve covered today.

Workshop Four

  • The “Wish List” Activity – How did it go?
  • Organisational Incentives (motivators). 
  • Silo/Collaborative working - Approaching change. 
  • What is failure, and why do we fear it so much?  
  • Organisational Culture, our Values. 
  • Words versus actions! 
  • High Performing Teams and opportunities Collaborative/Collective Leadership? 
  • A “People Strategy” - why have one? 
  • Performance Management - design it. 
  • The Colleague Engagement Ladder. 
  • “Facilitating” feedback and Socrates.
  • Wash up discussions and questions on what we’ve covered today.

Workshop Five

  • Why do we find courageous conversations so challenging?
  • Courageous conversations and how to manage them. 
  • Boosting our self-confidence and self-esteem.
  • Assertive / Passive / Aggressive behaviour. 
  • Coaching & Learning conversations & creating an open feedback habit. 
  • Make every contact with our colleagues a 'quality' one, which enhances relationships and improves the working environment. 
  • Psychological safety; emotional security/safety – ES2
  • Wash up chat about the programme and driving it forward

Post Programme Workshop Delivery (Creating your OCET & your ROI)

Designing Your OCET

(Organisational Culture Engagement Team)

  • How can we recruit volunteers from each area of the business and all levels of leadership and management? 
  • Decide on the main push points from the programme that you believe must be driven, maintained, and supported.
  • Agree on how this new team will operate.
  • Decide on how to launch the new team to the organisation.

This new team was called: 

The Culture Champions.”

Initial OCET Meeting (half day)

  • What name will we give our new team? 
  • Decide on individual and shared responsibilities. 
  • How will we operate?
  • How will we receive organisational concerns from our colleagues?
  • What will be the process for dealing with issues from colleagues?
  • maintaining a log of issues and resolutions to build evidence and confidence. 
  • Confirm individual actions and decide on a date for the next meeting.

OCET Meeting (2 hours)

  • Review individual actions and outcomes and discuss as required.
  • Raise new issues from colleagues. 
  • Raise points from the team
  • Confirm individual actions and decide on a date for the next meeting.

All Cohort Programme Meeting

All the cohorts join together and meet in a large venue to discuss the programme's impact, 

what areas are working well, what areas need addressing, and what actions will be agreed upon. 

OCET to update on progress and success stories.

OCET will list actions, distribute them after this event, and then update everyone with progress reports.

A quote from Rooftop’s Head of HR, Vicky Ashfield, reads as follows:


“In 2022, following a suggestion made during the final workshops of our Leader in You programme, we formed a group of volunteer leaders at all levels across the organisation, The Culture Champions. The Champions work together to develop, nurture, and embed the new ways of working, whilst identifying and challenging inadequate communications and encouraging our colleagues to take ownership of their actions and behaviours.

We want everyone to be able to speak without fear and feel psychologically safe so they can bring their whole selves to work. Leaders encourage their team members to give positive but constructive feedback and to ask questions and challenge decisions.

We are also focussing on spreading the word: more people are talking about “the Moccasin approach” and the importance of walking in the other person's shoes.”

Rooftop also plans to hold six monthly reviews with all Leaders and Managers within the organisation to discuss successes and areas for development. A true commitment to ensuring their original investment continues to bring that elusive return on investment. 

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