Emotional Intelligence and Me

This Workshop is usually one day in duration but can be a two-day event with group, and individual case study work to allow discussions about the various thoughts we all have about EI

Our Workshop Description

This workshop introduces people (of any industry or position) to Emotional Intelligence (EI).

We ask you to complete a short self-scoring questionnaire to take away and use for personal development.

We then introduce the ingredients of EI and chat through why they are essential, what they aim to achieve and why they are critical to clean communication across the whole organisation. 

We ask you to consider our Moccasin Approach®, our EI Tree® and why they are tools for the future success of internal and external communication.  

We link EI to organisational culture and the inherent responsibility we all have to make our workplace culture the type that attracts people to join our organisation and one we are proud to talk about.   

We look at Empathy, how it works, why it is different to sympathy and how we must all use it within our daily communication with anyone. 

We discuss how personal styles and preferences (even bias) are critical to everyday communication. 

We look at the word trust and chat about what it means to us, how we can gain it and keep it, and why consistency is one of our favourite words regarding trust. 

We ask you to consider our thinking around “Change Champions” and Best Practice Managers”.  

“Some” of our Typical Content 

(Like all our workshops, the content can be edited to meet your organisational requirements)

  • “Belief creates reality” and “Creating reality out of possibility.”
  • The EI Tree®
  • Values, behaviours, ES2, and creating saboteurs!
  • How our Moccasin Approach® thinking helps us understand the world of others and cater for differences.
  • Our ARCHWAY Approach® thinking around Responsibility - Accountability – Duty of Care.
  • EI Self-assessment - The ingredients of EI.
  • The empathy stool and the types of empathy.
  • EI and how it helps “Change Champions” and “BPM’s”.
  • Reflections, thoughts, findings and goals (individual and team).

Who Should Attend and Why?

Who? - Everyone you employ, including your associate or external consultants.

Why? - Every person needs to understand how EI works, what it takes to get it right, why it is essential and how it helps anyone develop new, better and more meaningful relationships. 

The ultimate goal of EI is to create the best possible working relationships and Psychological Safety so that we can communicate cleanly and without worrying about getting in trouble for sharing our thoughts and opinions. 

By the way, it is also just as powerful at home, socially and with our children. We add Socratic questions into the mix to help you with impacting the thinking of others. 

Our Delivery Options

When you consider the content we deliver, we are sure you will understand why we always prefer to deliver our workshops, courses and programmes face-to-face.

Face-to-face workshops and courses can be held at a location of your choice or, if you wish, a central UK location at the Macdonald Burlington Hotel in Birmingham, located directly across from the Birmingham New Street train station. 

We can deliver our workshops, courses and programmes online, although this will mean splitting elements into manageable learning events to suit the online environment. 

All Expenses

ALL our expenses are included in our daily rate, so will be no other charges applied (unless additional add-ons are required, such as catch-up sessions when someone misses a workshop).