Communicating Effectively

This Workshop is usually one day in duration, focussing solely on how we communicate with each other. 

It can also be a two-day event incorporating aspects of Emotional Intelligence (EI) with group, and individual activities to allow discussions about the various communication we need in your organisation.

Our Workshop Description

Communication is something we do every day. Sometimes by email, phone, Zoom/Teams, and even that old-fashioned talking face-to-face thing 🙂.

But, when we look at communication closely and really drill down into what we are doing in conjunction with how our brain works (neuroscience), how internal, organisational, and social politics control what we believe we can say, how hierarchical positioning impacts our honesty and how the lack of psychological safety means we say what we know others want to hear rather than what they need to hear…. It is oh so complicated! 

This workshop looks at what excellent communication looks like, and we ask your opinion on that too. But we also examine how our organisational culture impacts how we “feel” we can or can’t speak. We delve into the reasons for this closing down of honest conversations and strip back the barriers and blockers to uncover what we call “Clean Communication”.  

This workshop connects closely to our Emotional Intelligence workshop (EI and Me) as we believe that EI is the key to unlocking Clean Communication across the whole organisation (yes, even internationally). 

If you want to see if we are correct, then have a go at this small challenge to test our thinking…

Over the next week, reflect on the various conversations and communications. I guarantee that you will quickly realise how many emotions were at play before, during and after some of those conversations and communications. Don’t let your fickle brain fool you! This is not how you should communicate. And if your fickle brain tries to convince you that this is how the workplace expects us to communicate, then welcome to the very reason that you and your people should attend our workshops or programmes. 

“Some” of our Typical Content 

(Like all our workshops, the content can be edited to meet your organisational requirements)

  • Using the “Moccasin Approach”® to clean our personal and organisational communication 
  • LaPD’s Communication Cycle and what we must consider. (Can you work out what the ? represent above?
  • Accountability and Responsibility raises its head in Communication. It has to.
  • Bias, unconscious bias and its impacts on our communication.
  • The conundrum of communicating with others and their styles (The TRAP).
  • How would my perfect Manager/Leader communicate with me?
  • Nonverbal communication (body language), rapport, Clean Communication.
  • Negative communication can go viral (Self-Fulfilling Prophecy).
  • Reflections, findings and goals (individual and team).
  • Meeting our workshop objectives by listing five areas for development.

Who Should Attend and Why?

Who? - Perhaps think of this another way… who shouldn’t attend to ensure we can manage Clean Communication? There’s your answer.

Why? - Every person needs to understand what we are saying above about how we get trapped in this organisational formatting which changes how we communicate and how it prevents us from communicating cleanly. EVERY organisation has this, despite what our values profess. And “Values”, that’s a whole other story.  

Our Delivery Options

When you consider the content we deliver, we are sure you will understand why we always prefer to deliver our workshops, courses and programmes face-to-face.

Face-to-face workshops and courses can be held at a location of your choice or, if you wish, a central UK location, at the Macdonald Burlington Hotel in Birmingham, located directly across from the Birmingham New Street train station. 

We can deliver our workshops, courses and programmes online, although this will mean splitting elements into manageable learning events to suit the online environment. 

All Expenses

ALL our expenses are included in our daily rate, so will be no other charges applied (unless additional add-ons are required, such as catch-up sessions when someone misses a workshop).  

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