Our Moccasin Manager®

Never criticise a person until you've walked in their moccasins 

(Always try to see things from the other person’s perspective first)

The Moccasin Manager®, as part of the Moccasin Approach®, works on the principle that we must see things from the other person’s perspective before we act. We must understand their likes, dislikes, hopes, dreams, aspirations, concerns and even fears, so we are able to communicate with them with all types of empathy. 

However, this does not mean that we pander to every wish others may have, or avoid asking them to perform tasks or duties they may not enjoy or not feel so competent about. What we suggest is that their perspective is taken into account and balanced with the relevant organisational requirements and the situation at the time. 

Group of business people
Empathy and associated words

A Moccasin Manager will manage their colleagues feelings, show empathy, they will respect their viewpoint and beliefs, but they will also be able to contextualise it to the given situation. 

As we all know, when we are fire fighting there is often little time to consider everything and time may well be of the essence, so asking people to do things quicker than they like, with less resources or whatever we don’t have at that time, may not sit well, but sometimes needs must! 

In short, a Moccasin Manager must always remember that they have a duty of care to both their people AND their organisational duties. This requires a carefully balanced approach considering emotion and logic together. 

This challenge needs discussing as sometimes we need to make quick and difficult decisions. We need to practice this Moccasin Approach concept and  think carefully of the steps we take. We discuss aspects around this so that Moccasin Managers can approach such challenges.

A head with footprints within it showing that they think about walking a mile in other peoples shoes

If this concept of management interests you, email Sophie by clicking here and Sophie will set up a call to discuss your requirements. We are confident that our Moccasins will fit well, so ask us in for an informal chat. 

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