Train The Trainer

This Course has various durations 

The 3-day version allows experienced trainers and facilitators to adapt their current delivery style to our interactive and engagement methodology. Final mini-sessions will be recorded (HD) to use for their personal development.

The 5-day version caters to those trainers just starting their training career who wish to learn the fundamental skills required to deliver an interactive training session using our engagement methodology. The final mini-session will be recorded (HD) for them to keep and use for further personal development.

We also offer a 2-day version for those who only deliver training as a side aspect of their role, such as for induction training or occasional Equality, Diversity and Inclusion or Health and Safety training sessions. 

Our Course Description

LaPD Solutions is passionate about the skills required to transfer Skills, Knowledge and Understanding (SKU).

We believe that trainers should not lecture their delegates. They should use tools that engage, interest, and even challenge them to make them inquisitive about the learning and to reason out the new SKU to keep their brain active and engaged.  

This course briefly examines the lecture-based way that trainers deliver their training and compares it to our Engagement Methodology and why it is significantly better for learning and retention.

We use the same session structure that we have in our methodology to deliver these courses. We also show how flexible that structure is depending on the situations trainers often find themselves in, especially when time is tight. 

We discuss why question techniques are an incredibly powerful tool in the art of engaging our learners, and we look at when we should use specific techniques and even when we should not. We give time to practice this key skill, but please note that the three-day course has limited time for this crucial practice, so please do not send inexperienced trainers on the three-day course. It is not fair to them or others on their course. 

A comprehensive course manual is supplied and used throughout the course to ensure attendees can find their way around and ask questions as they wish. 

The course can be held at a location of your choice or, if preferred, at the Macdonald Burlington Hotel in Birmingham, located directly across from the Birmingham New Street train station. 

We deliver the course using our interactive methodology so attendees can see it in action. For IT or systems trainers, your course facilitator will deliver a short IT training session (something generic like a mini Word session) using the laptops brought by the attendees to show how we recommend IT trainers/facilitators should deliver. 

“Some” of our Typical Content 

(All our workshops can be adapted to meet your organisational requirements)

  • What is a Sat-Nav trainer, and why must we avoid this at all costs? 
  • We discuss our recommended session structure and why it is designed that way.
  • We examine different question techniques and discuss what each is good for or why it should be avoided. 
  • We look at our Task Based Objectives (TBOs) and discuss various reasons why they should be adopted.
  • We touch on Learning Styles to see what you think of each and how we can cater for them. 
  • We take a good look at our SAS feedback model and why we think it must be facilitated and not given. 
  • We help you plan and prepare for your final session for the last day using our Script Writing Guide. 
  • We discuss why Emotional Intelligence is helpful in your trainer's toolbox. 
  • You deliver your final mini-sessions. We record them (HD). We offer 1 to 1 feedback. We chat as a group.   

Who Should Attend and Why?

Who? - These courses are for: 

ANYONE involved in transferring Skills, Knowledge and Understanding (SKU)

  • people who are brand new into training - 5 days
  • people who will be taking up a training role in the near future - 5 days
  • experienced trainers and facilitators (ideally two years) who want to adapt their current delivery style to our interactive and engagement methodology - 3 days
  • people whose primary role is not training but will deliver training occasionally - 2 days.    

Why? - If you want your trainers to deliver engaging training which helps their attendees learn and retain new Skills, Knowledge, and Understanding (SKU), then ensure they have been given the proper training to help them do just that. 

Show your clients that you have invested in your trainers by ensuring they are all certified to deliver training and that their delivery is monitored and assessed to maintain those standards. 

If you expect high standards of training in your organisation and given to your clients, then ensure you have the tools to do that and the ability for your senior trainers to assess their peers to ensure the consistency of quality, the monitoring of standards and the continuous development of all your trainers and facilitators.   

Our Delivery Options

When you consider the content we deliver, we are sure you will understand why we always prefer to deliver our workshops, courses and programmes face-to-face.

Face-to-face workshops and courses can be held at a location of your choice or, if you wish, a central UK location, at the Macdonald Burlington Hotel in Birmingham, located directly across from the Birmingham New Street train station. 

We can deliver our workshops, courses and programmes online, although this will mean splitting elements into manageable learning events to suit the online environment. 

The three-day course is split into two parts. The first two days are together, then the third day a week (or more) later. This gives attendees time to plan, prepare and practice before delivering their final recorded sessions.

The five-day course is not required to be split as practice time is built into the 4th day. However, if it suits organisations better, we can accommodate a split between the third and fourth days or the fourth and fifth days.  

All Expenses

ALL our expenses are included in our daily rate, so will be no other charges applied (unless additional add-ons are required, such as catch-up sessions when someone misses a workshop).