Feedback we’ve received over the years

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“LaPD Solutions are extremely talented, experienced trainers that are focused on getting the best out of our people. Our franchisees and staff across the group are the drivers of success, so equipping them with the tools and soft skills to manage teams, manage their time and communicate effectively are imperative – those that have already attended a course have noticed a huge difference in their productivity. I believe everyone in the group could benefit from these courses in some way”. 

Aaron Davis, Network Development Director - Signs Express.

The Moccasin ApproachTM

We completed our own bespoke design of the Moccasin Approach during a year long programme of Leadership and Management and it was truly an inspirational programme. It helped us see exactly where our strengths and areas of development were in terms of EI and due to how it works, it allowed us to help each other in developing our own specific areas of EI.

The programme included monthly workshops from introduction to an informal self-assessment which was private to us and anyone we wished to share it with. The delivery method was interactive and highly engaging with continuous discussions throughout each workshop which were based around our world. 

In terms of a USP, the offer of a “free” 12 month support service gave us all great confidence that we could ask questions even when the formal programme had completed but which would help us with our personal development as we increased our EI skills. “Outstanding”!

West Midlands based Housing organisation.  

LaPD Certified Coach

"This course made a difference to us all. We have thinking, tools and ideas on how to use the "Casual Coaching Concept" and it really suited how we like to work with people. Great way to let us see how effective it is and why we have to do things like that. Thanks guys" - Mark and the "A" team.

"When I look back on how I coached I realise what I was doing was not really coaching, I was just fixing. Thanks for the heads up on that, a big difference between them. This course is great and I recommend it to anyone who really wants to coach effectively. - Maggie H."

"A great couple of days with Mac and Sarah. Loved how they helped us see how a regular training session needed far more thinking from the learners perspective. It was a real revelation for us all. The second day assessments were made to be fun, so cool. Thanks guys." - Latif HR team.

Still can't believe that 2 days of thinking can be such fun and of course I have to mention the "discovery learning"! That was the best, I am totally sold! Can't wait to get back and see the difference our team will make now we're certified. Our Induction days will be TOTALLY different. Thank you so much. Gr8. - Linds 

I never knew coaching could be so enjoyable. Thanks for a really wonderful course. It was so great and really well run. Not sure on the biscuits though :-) - Annu 

LaPD Certified Trainer 

"This course has completely changed how we plan and deliver our IT training. It has become far easier and so much more enjoyable for us and our learners. A really eye opening 3 days and a superb course." - Grampian NHS.

"A wow experience which we aren't used to in training courses, so we're having you guys back for sure. Thanks to Gary and Mac for a wonderful 5 days of fun and learning." - Sara at Chepstow.

“I must confess that when I heard we would all be videoed I was really worried, but when I saw the video it showed me just how good I can be. We were all amazed at the quality of the video too, really crisp. Can’t believe that was 5 days gone so quickly! We went from day one where we were all worried and sceptical, to day 5 as confident in our new skills as trainers and all know how to check each other too. Loved it all so thank you both very much for putting us at ease and helping us learn how to really use questions so well." - That amazing housing team.

“Mac Macdonald has provided Delivery Skills Training to Capita Learning and Development for the past three years. Mac has always demonstrated the highest standards of professionalism, knowledge and delegate focus. He has an engaging style and builds trust and confidence with delegates very quickly. He truly role models excellence in training delivery and the feedback we receive on Mac's courses has been consistently outstanding. Mac is also focussed on understanding delegate and client needs and ensures that we have always received a fabulous service. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mac's services.” Stuart Lowry - Training Development Director at Capita Learning and Development.

"The course was extremely useful and that surprised me. I have been training for nearly 13 years and I took on loads of excellent tips and tricks. The most notable aspect was that it was like 3 days of discussion rather than training, superb!" - University College London.

“I recently attended a course where Mac was my tutor and also my final assessor. I couldn't have wanted for a better tutor to be honest. As a tutor he is both engaging and supportive, bringing not just a high level of knowledge and experience about his subject but also an infectious enthusiasm. All of this helped to make the course a thoroughly enjoyable experience.” Mark Fulgoni - Senior Consultant at TAH.

"An exceptional communicator with the ability to make training fun" - NHS Lothian.

“Mac displays great integrity in all aspects of his work - he adapts to his audience, he shares his experiences and is fair and honest when dealing with his customer. He is very personable and establishes trust very quickly. I'd happily work with Mac again." Anna Freyne - L & D Delivery Manager at First Direct

"A superb trainer with outstanding people skills. The course flowed beautifully with a professional and captivating style, spot on" - Oxford University.

“Mac was an inspiring Training Consultant who revives the learners and makes them want to learn. I was very impressed with the course that Mac ran, it was one of the best 3 days of training I have ever attended, and the new skills I have learned will change how I work completely. I am successfully implementing within my own organisation." Fred Webb - Implementation Manager at Land Registry.

“Having worked in IT for over 30 years and attended the many courses one would expect in an industry that is always changing, it was an absolute delight to attend the course that Mac delivered. He is an excellent communicator with a style that maintained interest for the whole week and made all attendees feel part of a team. I came away from the course feeling more confident and prepared to deliver what I'd learned.” Phil Williams - Owner at The Connection Magazine.

"What a brilliant course. Most of us had already been training for years, but some hadn't. Despite this Mac made it a the best course we've ever attended. It was full of discussions on how to use the skills in our environment, he encouraged challenges from us and was just superb. More please!" - Severn Trent Water.

“Inspirational! My passion for training has been revitalised and I am delivering in a far more interactive, fun and engaging way, thank you so much." - The team at Leicester HIS.

Building and Maintaining Teams

"I particularly liked the challenges and the interactive nature of the training - ICE ICT"

"This was a particularly useful day with great real-life examples, wonderful discussions, creative activities which didn't put us under pressure or feel silly, and time for our own issues too. A really well delivered day so a big thanks to you both. - Birmingham Library." 

Great to understand how a team really meets, grows and performs. I would never have thought about the "Couple Conundrum", brilliant way of seeing this whole concept. Thank you very much Maccy ha ha. - Debbie 

Communicating Effectively

"Great facilitator, great day and great content. Mac was on fire! What made this "GREAT" was how he flexed and adapted to OUR specific needs. BRILLIANT!" - Wrekin Housing Trust.

"We all turned up thinking this would be just another of those days, but this was really different. A really wonderful surprise to find someone knew how to help us by discussing our own issues at work and help us all solve each others problems and have ideas to take back and have a go at. We all loved the collation activity, a real ROI buster!" - Paul and the team - SCS Managers.

Emotional Intelligence and Me

"A Superb 2 days. We all loved it and as managers we can immediately see how this will make such a powerful difference in how we approach our people, how we can get teams to work together and how all of us can now improve organisational communication and effectiveness. We will be having you back soon." - Connor Head of HR.

"It was really nice to hear Mac praise how we have already been using aspects of this and gave me confidence to do more with it. The part about IQ coming second place to EQ was the wake up call for a lot of us. Great book too, thanks for the reference. See you soon for the Moccasin Manager Mac, really looking forward to that now." - Gareth the Dragon.

“Didn't want to attend this course, but very glad we did. Excellent couple of days and with such a smooth delivery we often forgot we were on a course. Day two was epic! Great way to see how we've got it "Spot on" eh Mac ha ha!" - Simon L.

Interactive" Presentation Skills 

"I have given presentations for years, but this training took my presentations to a whole new and powerful level. Having a copy of my final presentation in HD is amazing. Thank you Mac." - Charlie Jones, Freelancer

"Interaction" into Presentations, who knew? Serious genius. It is SO powerful. Great course, great facilitator and GREAT results. - HSO Manchester. 

"I used to freak out if I was told I had to give a presentation. Now I have the planner, the structure and the technique to move focus and I love it all. Thanks for a great couple of days."

"An excellent course with a real twist to giving a presentation. A new way to get instant results and I loved the way it turns things around so the presenter doesn't feel so on the spot! Come back and do the train the trainer." - HSO Manchester.

"I never thought I would see a presenter engage an audience quite like this. Turns ordinary presenting on it's head but definitely a world better too." - Daz Keelor

"A superb 2 days worth every penny and more. The quality of my video is so clear marketing will be using a clip on our website! Fame! Seriously great course, loved the pace, discussions, activities and the final day was amazing to watch us all do so well even when we doubted ourselves Mac didn't. "Spot on" :-) " - Kimms from Robertsons

"The whole concept seemed alien but within 30 minutes we were all bought in and wanting to know all about it. Some of us gave presentations a few weeks later and senior people asked us where we were taught the skills; that’s how much of a difference it made." - Jamal 

"Structured, easy to grasp, great exercises and a brilliant demonstration of an example "Interactive" Presentation by the facilitator so we could see exactly what the difference was. It is not often I say this about training, but I really enjoyed it, thanks". - Darren C. 

"I have had nightmares about giving presentations, but now I won't. I will still feel nervous but like Mac said, we now have the structure, template and tools and we've even seen and heard how well we can do through our videos too. - Nice one!" - Foxy 

Leadership and Me

“Mac the facilitator was fantastic - even though it was a Friday and a lot of the grads were more concerned with what time they were finish, Mac kept the train on the tracks. I found his style & stories extremely engaging!!! The best trainer and course I have ever attended - Thanks Mac!!!!!!” - Graduate with Lloyds Banking Group. 

“Mac was a great teacher, he was engaging throughout the course of the day, really listened to our points of view and provided constructive feedback.” - Graduate with Lloyds Banking Group.

“Mac the facilitator was fantastic - even though it was a Friday and a lot of the grads were more concerned with what time they were finish, Mac kept the train on the tracks. I found his style & stories extremely engaging!!! The best trainer and course I have ever attended - Thanks Mac!!!!!!” - Graduate with Lloyds Banking Group. 

“The delivery and engagement of the facilitator was the best I have experienced.” - Graduate with Lloyds Banking Group.

Managing Performance

"I had always thought I managed my team well. What I loved about this workshop was that Mac praised us for what we were already doing right, and almost secretly coached us into seeing what we could do to improve that and what else could be done. A brilliant day, great thinking and great engagement." Mark - Voids Management.

"Being new to managing a team this has been so very useful. As a graduate I am often looked at as not knowing anything or being too young, and I loved the way Mac was able to cater for my specific needs and worries, despite the huge difference in experience. A really professional, useful and enjoyable day. I have so much to take back and use in the workplace so I know my manager will be happy too." - Liliana.

The Moccasin Manager

“Great Management programme which motivated and inspired me to manage my people more effectively, engage with them far more through effective communication. An excellent 2 days and Effectiveness and Efficiency rules”. - "Shaky" Amir. 

“We had tried a few companies for management training and luckily heard from a business partner about these guys and so glad we did. Fresh, passionate and truly want to help us do better. Inspiring set of workshops which "made" us take things back and use them at work. BRILLIANT guys and THANK YOU so much”. - Babak's Team.

"The biggest thing on this course for me was the passions he had for what he does. Leadership & Management is clearly his reason for doing what he does. Outstanding! - Kam at the Housing Team."

"What a great way to look at managing people. It now seems so obvious and the way Mac go the team to think of themselves first and then how other want to be managed was superb and really made us all see things we hadn't before." - Kat from "that" bank lol

"I feel like a proper manager now and can't wait to see how my team react to this. Magic!" - Tim in finance.

"That was like someone opening the window on how to manage people. Wonderful course and loved the way the 2 days just flew past. Great facilitator too." - Jeena K

Managing My Day

”A great day which flew by. Excellent thought provoking discussions, really made me think about how we manage people and it gave me many ideas on how to improve. Leaving with an organisational action plan is brilliant!" - Lockwoods Group.

"As we said on the day "Thank you Mac"! A wonderfully enjoyable day with a good laugh but all seriously taken on board by us all. Great tips, hints and thinking for us to take back and try in the real world and loved how we could all chip in our own issues for discussion. Making it our day made the difference." - Mark at Walsall Housing Group.

Learning Centre Support Specialist

“Mac put the most nervous of people at ease, and extracted ideas without being too demanding. He had a positive and relaxed manner, and I thoroughly enjoyed the course and took away new ideas that I had not thought about before.” - Learning Centre Manager at York Army Learning Centre.

"I wasn't going to attend but so glad we all did as we are now seeing things really differently. The emphasis on how to coach was the best for me. Such a simple but clever way to coach people. More, more!" - Pieter.

"An excellent course which has made me so better able to manage the people dropping into our centre. Thank you both, great course and a lovely time too (wasn't expecting that)." - Edward and Jilly.

Meeting Management

"What we all loved about this course is the way we all experienced a real meeting, then picked it apart and rebuilt it into a seriously efficient meeting which left us all feeling we had been freed. I will always manage my meetings like this and get my bosses to attend too)." Sheila - HR Manager.

"This was a course we all wanted for a long time and never even knew it. Really cuts meeting time, makes them actually produce change and holds us all to account. Very clever stuff yet so simple to put into practice. We will be back for other topics for sure." HSO Manchester.

"I had always thought I managed my team well. What I loved about this workshop was that Mac praised us for what we were already doing right, and almost secretly coached us into seeing what we could do to improve that and what else could be done. A brilliant day, great thinking and great engagement." Mark - Void Management.

Project Management (Introduction)

"That was ingenious! We thought we were in for a really theoretical training day but what we experienced was a hands on day with a really professional and expert facilitator who made us all work out why our first project didn't go so well and then we all worked at it again to see the difference. Proof for us to experience and use again on any project large or small. Great day Mac and thanks." - Southwater Group Telford. 

"A superb day which flew by with great activities, fun, serious thinking and ending like that was the high point. I can now manage projects in such a simple way." - Annika.

Public Speaking and Broadcasting Delivery

"A surprise was install for all of us as Mac unveiled his plan of how the course was to run. It really made us aware of how we communicated and gave us ideas, thinking and tools to use and polish. A great fun course which truly made a difference. Thanks to all from Rob at you know where."